Romantic Autumn

As the colours change and the fruits ripen Mowbarton becomes more and more romantic! For those of us who live and work here that means preparing the vines and their gorgeous grapes for the forthcoming harvest, and turning all the blackberries, apples, pears and tomatoes into a veritable cornucopia of crumbles, jams, jellies and juices. So far it has been a glorious autumn with plenty of sunshine interspersed with some much-needed showers.

So we weren't entirely surprised when a young couple staying in the Shepherd's Hut rang us to request a couple of bottles of Mowbarton Estate Somerset Sparkling: 'We got engaged in the Hut today! And we'd like to save a bottle for the wedding next year!'

You certainly can't say fairer than that. Mind you, Mowbarton already has quite a track record of being the sparkling wine of choice for Somerset weddings. This is what one mother of the bride had to say:

Mowbarton Estate sparkling wine was the most delicious choice - all the liveliness of champagne without the dryness ... It is an absolute triumph of a sparkling wine and it was a particular pleasure to buy locally ... the perfect choice for the celebration of such a special family occasion.

It's not just enjoyed in Somerset for that matter. It's been drunk at celebrations as far away as Scotland - and is off to a Golden Wedding party in London next week. Romance is well and truly alive!  


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