Festival time...!

Wedmore, our closest village, is the busiest place imaginable - despite being a beautifully peaceful village with three wonderful pubs and a selection of delightful shops. It's situated in the heart of the glorious Somerset countryside, miles from the big cities. And yet, and yet ... it's home to the amazing Wedmore Arts Festival which starts on Saturday 6 May and ends on Sunday 14 May. During those nine days there is action upon action with an extraordinarily varied range of entertainment - something to appeal to all tastes and every age group.

Wedmore Arts FestivalAnd the characters who will be performing in this 'quiet' little village?

Well, you will have heard of some of them: Tony Chau, Charlotte Smith, David Abram, Lady Churchill, Lord Byron, Matthew Hoggard, Dr Hutch, 'David Bowie', Alfie Moore. A few are less well known (so far!). Names such as DI Nick Dixon, the Somerset Sleuth, and Doc Strange, the comic hypnotist. And a few look set to become the household names of tomorrow: Belle Street, Innes Oliver (accompanied by Jonathan Payn), and Georgina, becca kate and Bailee - all three of them are talented young singers from Wedmore taking their first steps to stardom.

Last, but certainly not least, are two very special acts which will be of  particular interest to local residents: Matthew Owens and Ali Darragh return to their old stamping ground with a magical musical medley inspired by Ivor Novello. That's at noon on Tuesday 9 May, followed by one of Wedmore's famous Festival lunches! And as a grand finale the sensational ensemble Onyx Brass will bring the Festival to a close at 5pm on Sunday 14 May.

Mowbarton Estate has been a supporter of Wedmore Arts Festival since it began. And we are delighted to welcome this fantastic week of entertainment right on our doorstep. Why not have a closer look at all the events that are on offer. See you there!


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