Valentine's month...

 Yes it's been cold and stormy over the past few weeks but now we are just beginning to see signs that Spring might be on its way.

  The days are getting longer, the daffodils are bursting forth.

  The sheep are out in the field enjoying the view (and the grass!)

  The starlings are roosting in their thousands down in the Vale of Avalon. We saw some fantastic    groups of them yesterday evening. They are so awe-inspiring as they wheel across the sky; you could never tire of observing them. And if you haven't seen them in action yet, now is a good time to come to this part of Somerset and enjoy the spectacle.

  We have some last minute availability in the Shepherd's Hut over February, a perfect place to celebrate that most romantic of all dates - the fourteenth of February!

  So why not checkout the calendar and make a date!

  We have been busy over the winter sprucing up and spring-cleaning both the Barn and the Shepherd's Hut. Both are now gleaming and ready - just waiting for your arrival! Even the vines have all been pruned...


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