fruitful october

It is hard to believe that OCTOBER is here already and yet we have just enjoyed a beautiful sunny weekend in Mudgley. Plenty of blackberries and apple for crumble and we also made spiced apple jelly and grape jam (see September's picture!) The grapes ripened  to a glorious deep purple and the resulting jam is the richest,  most mouth-watering colour ever. It tastes delicious too!  Despite the recent sunshine, autumn is definitely on its way. The hedgerows are all turning; the rosehips and sloes are appearing; the swallows, sadly, have left. Some of them had three broods in the outhouses around Mowbarton, so there was plenty of activity in the week before they disappeared; desperately practising flying for the long journey south, no doubt. We will miss them.

The annual Somerset Art Weeks Festival is running at the moment, with plenty of wonderful works to view in the surrounding area. And in a couple of weeks it will be time for the Wells Food Festival, a celebration of all the delicious local produce we enjoy in this part of Somerset. Which reminds me - the sheep are back in our field enjoying the luscious grass which has come back to life with a vengeance after the dry weeks of June and July.

I am also planning to attend several talks at the Wells Literary Festival which runs during the middle of October. There are some fascinating speakers and topics this year; if you are a member of a book group, Mowbarton would be the ideal place to stay during the festival. You could attend some talks during the day and then discuss what you've heard round a blazing fire in the evening!

Finally, although it seems a long way off, we have already taken a booking for one of the famous Somerset carnivals which happen in November. Be warned! They are very popular.


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