spring clean

I don't know where January went but we seem to have arrived in FEBRUARY without any warning. Charlie and Ivan have been touching up the paintwork in the Barn and fixing some of the wear and tear it's experienced over the past months. So everything is spick and span for the Spring when - and if - it arrives. Some of the fields beneath us are still covered with water, although some have dried out; and we are several miles from the worst affected areas of the Levels so have not suffered in the floods. 

Last month we had the second of our 'special interest' groups staying - they wanted some rest, relaxation and pampering! Wells-based beauty therapist, Claire, came to the Barn to give them all individual treatments which was a great success. Claire can be booked in advance; please ask. 

We are now preparing for an Equinox Yoga Retreat (21- 23 March). The Milking Parlour, pictured left, is where the Yoga practice takes place. It's available as an extra for Barn tenants and is a useful, adaptable space with its own small kitchen and loo. Do contact us for more information.


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