vines ordered

MARCH has now arrived and, despite the showery rather blustery weather, there are definitely signs of Spring everywhere: daffodils and snowdrops in abundance, lambs in the fields and green buds appearing all over the place. If you are thinking about holidays, now is the time to book... The fields below us have eventually dried up and we no longer feel as though we are living on an island! During these last few weeks we have discovered precisely why this area is called the Isle of Wedmore. 

After much debate, we have decided to plant a small vineyard in part of our field. The vine order has been confirmed, and planting is likely to begin any day now. Sadly, the grapes won't be ready to harvest for three years, but if you think a locally produced Mudgley wine might be your tipple, why not consider booking the Barn for 2017?! If you scroll down to the September page, you will see how grapes on our land can thrive.

At the end of February there was much talk about the 'Northern Lights' in the press; as far as I'm concerned, a typical Mudgley sunset, viewed from our wonderful vantage point on the hill, puts everything else to shame...


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