wilkins cider

APRIL has brought plenty of activity. The Barn has been full of guests over the past couple of weeks, all of whom seem to have had a good time. "The house is beautiful, spacious and comfortable... We hope to return" was how our most recent visitors put it. Mind you, they also thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Roger Wilkins Cider Farm, so perhaps it was the cider talking...! Work on the vineyard continues and we hope the vines will be in before the end of April. A lot of preparation has gone into getting the land ready for them. The Spring and the warmer weather (a bit warmer!) has also meant more work in the garden: weeding, mowing, planting, hedge trimming. It all seems to come round faster and faster. I suppose that's the price we pay for living in such a rich, fertile part of the country. Let's just hope the vines appreciate it!   


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