almost christmas

I am not entirely sure where NOVEMBER  went but I see that DECEMBER  is now upon us! Mowbarton will be busy over Christmas and the New Year but there is still some last minute availability during the winter months. Have a look at the rates page for special seasonal deals. Birdwatchers - it's starling time again: at the moment our iconic flocks are performing their 'murmurations' in the skies all around us. Although the temperature has dropped and the leaves have fallen, the sun is shining in this part of Somerset, and we wake to the usual beautiful early morning mist on the moor which lifts during the day. Perfect bonfire weather luckily as we have plenty to burn. We have begun to clear a couple of extra acres across the lane and are still debating what to do with the land long term. Swimming pool? Tennis court? A holiday lodge? Wildflower meadow? Eco-centre? Ideas on a postcard please!


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