mowabarton grows

The first proper weekend in MARCH has been wonderful. It really seems as though Spring has arrived. We have spent most of the weekend on our new piece of land across the lane, cutting down brambles and clearing the rubble. It is at last beginning to look more civilised although we intend to leave most of it in its natural  state to encourage wildlife; but at least now you can get on to it! It will provide a beautiful additional area for our guests' children to play in, and there's a lovely corner at the top which will make a perfect picnic place with sensational views. All it needs now is a bench, or perhaps a summer house. We are also considering having a shepherd's hut on the land as an extra romantic get-away for couples. Keep an eye on this website to see how plans are progressing. Apart from working across the lane, I've been picking primroses to dry for confetti for the November wedding...


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