ebbor gorge

Went for a sunset stroll at Ebbor Gorge yesterday (see pic on left). The wood anemones were plentiful and there are still plenty of clumps of primroses everywhere. It looks as though the bluebells will be out in the next few weeks too. But the fact that the trees are still bare meant the views across the gorge were spectacular. The sun has returned to Somerset (it usually does!) and we have enjoyed some glorious weather this week. The sheep are all back in our field, the swallows have returned and are busy checking out the sheds to see if they can find last year's nesting spots. Our fish have also re-emerged from the murky depths of the 'lake'. They seem to have grown enormously over winter. Plus a couple of great tits have been investigating a hole in the wall opposite our kitchen. No twigs taken in as yet; they probably have a few outstanding questions for the estate agents...  Watch this space. I have plans to set my camera up in a hidden spot and practise taking wonderful nature shots.

As for nature - what an amazing year it's been for blossom...


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