august winds

The month of AUGUST began (as it usually does!) with my birthday. A nice warm day, if a little windy. We went for a walk at Ham Wall but most of the birds seemed to have been blown away although there were still a number of very serious birdwatchers out and about. The size of some of those lenses is phenomenal! We then had an excellent lunch (with local cider) at the Ring o' Bells in Ashcott and promised them we would recommend the pub to our guests - as we certainly do. In the evening we had dinner at the Pig near Bath, somewhere I have wanted to go for some time. It's a bit of a drive (40 mins), but a very pleasant one, especially on a summer's evening, and well worth it when you get there. The menu is full of different and quirky dishes - delicious. Plus it was full of life and buzzing, and in a beautiful location.  It was good to get away for a while as life has been incredibly busy here recently, mainly in preparation for the arrival of the Shepherd's Hut. The land across the lane has been dug up and filled in, dug up and filled in, for water, electricity, drainage... Thank goodness we are not building a block of flats. Pictures will follow when the landscaping starts in earnest - and then I will start taking bookings. So keep an eye on the website.


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