indian summer

The most glorious start to OCTOBER anyone could imagine. We have had weeks of beautiful weather: cloudless blue skies, brilliant red sunsets, a huge moon. Blackberries, apples, pears, quinces, figs - and of course grapes. Not in the proper vineyard yet (fingers crossed for 2016) but on the archway leading into the Barn's garden, and all along our own west-facing wall. Last month I hesitated to claim full kinship with the The Land where Lemons Grow by Helena Attlee but now I feel the Mudgley climate and resulting fruit harvest can hold its own! Helena's book is such a wonderfully rich description of the history of citrus, it really makes your mouth water, although I was somewhat taken aback by the recipe for Tortoise Pie! Not sure what Richard Kerridge would make of that. He is also coming to Wells this month to explain his love of amphibians. I am looking forward to that. In fact I am looking forward to all sorts of events at the Wells Festival of Literature - and there are all sorts on offer: fiction, politics, history, poetry, performance, biography, drama, science, lifestyle... One that looks especially interesting is John Lanchester on How to Speak Money. Having just rather lavishly furnished the Mowbarton Shepherd's Hut, that's a language I certainly should be learning...


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