first hut guests!

It is a long time since I updated this page; in fact we are now well into  NOVEMBER. I'm afraid the blue skies have turned to ash and we have had some wet and windy weather here for the past couple of days. It's cleared now though and the clouds are fluffy and white, tinged with pink as the sun begins to set in time for the long dark evening ahead. Time to bring in the logs and light the fire which is what I imagine they will be doing across the lane in the Shepherd's Hut. We are delighted to welcome our first ever guests this weekend and hope they enjoyed their first night there as much as we enjoyed getting home late and seeing the lights on in the Hut for the first time. It did look cosy!

It has taken a little longer than anticipated to make the whole site as pretty as we wanted, but it has been worth the wait. The new grass is growing unbelievably fast, the rhododendron hedge is flourishing and the two exterior street lights (echoes of Narnia) add the finishing touch, as well as making access up the steps safe and simple. Sadly the wait has meant we've had to turn a couple of potential guests away in the past weeks - but please do try again!


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