Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all Mowbarton guests - past, future and present. The Barn has been full all over Christmas and the New Year and, although we have been unable to provide good weather all the time, it has certainly been better than in many parts of the country. And we have witnessed a few wonderful sunsets and some beautiful moon- and star-lit nights. There have also been several very enjoyable, if somewhat windswept and damp, walks down at Westhay Moor and Ham Wall observing the huge variety of birdlife. The RSPB have announced that this winter is a record year for starlings down on the Levels. One enormous flock has just flown over the house, darkening the whole sky for a few moments. It was almost as mind-blowing as a full eclipse! The Mowbarton Shepherd's Hut would make an ideal roosting spot for couples who would like a weekend's bird-watching. And if you make it the weekend of 16/17 January, you can also pop down to Roger Wilkins for Wassailing night!


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