Spring and a festival in wedmore

Spring arrived last weekend; in fact you could almost have called it summer.

It seems to have disappeared again for the moment but I have every confidence it will return before long. The signs are all there: bluebells and primroses in the lane, and even the beginnings of the wonderful feathery cow parsley that lines all our hedgerows. Wild garlic. Swallows, aerial fights between the buzzards and the crows, sparrows quarreling over the bird feeder. Lambs in the fields (not ours sadly yet this year). There will be a cuckoo down on the moor before you know it...

With summer so near at hand, Wedmore is busy preparing for the annual Arts Festival, earlier than usual this year. What an amazing line-up they have planned for 2018. Mowbarton is delighted to be sponsoring Simon King's Nature Watch talk. Bet he would love to spend a couple of nights in our Shepherd's Hut! Certainly plenty of rabbits to watch, plus the odd badger and barn owl. There's a huge range of events to enjoy at the Arts Festival. Talks, music, drama, jazz ... Just have a look at their website. You might even be able to combine it with a few nights at Mowbarton 


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