Back in lockdown for Autumn

Although there have been very few cases of the virus in Somerset, we have been shut down once again and have had to turn many couples away from the Shepherd's Hut. The Barn had already lost a few bookings; perfect for large groups of friends and families, it sleeps nine. Not while the Rule of Six was in place it didn't! Plans had to be altered or dad would be left at home... But we are looking forward to the day when all these postponed holidays and mini-breaks can be re-booked. 

Of course the weather here is beautiful at the moment with thick clouds of mist covering the Vale of Avalon below us in the early morning. Then the cloud lifts a little giving a glimpse of the tower on the top of Glastonbury Tor, then the Tor itself and finally the mist burns away completely and the sun shines down through a clear blue sky. 

Wish you were here?  Book now and you soon can be, fingers crossed.

In the meantime you can always recreate the magic of Mowbarton at home by ordering some of our glorious Mowbarton Estate Somerset Sparkling Wine. That has definitely not been locked down! It's available any time, and we still have some 2017 left. The 2020 has now been safely gathered in, although we had to abandon our usual harvest supper thanks to the Rule of Six. Huge thanks to all our friends and family who rallied round to help, even without this added incentive. The 2018 should be ready to enjoy soon after Christmas. Let's hope we will all be celebrating long before then. You can start preparing here!


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