Happy New Year

Once again the situation has changed at Mowbarton and, after a brief spell of welcoming guests to the Shepherd's Hut during December, we have had to shut up shop once more. Our quiet and peaceful little corner of Somerset has been 'upgraded' to Tier 4! Imagine the scene on Christmas Eve in the Hut: fridge packed with local goodies, Mowbarton Estate Somerset Sparkling chilling quietly in preparation for the celebration, festive decorations on the table, logs in the basket... And then, because Tier 4 kicked in at midnight on Christmas Day, a last-minute cancellation. The same story that has been happening around the country - one way or another - to all of us. Which is why we are looking forward, with caution, to a more pleasant 2021. We are delighted that the bookings are already coming in for the year ahead, many of them still left over from last time round! We look forward to seeing you all sometime soon...

In the meantime of course Mowbarton Estate Somerset Sparkling has been working overtime. It's been very busy cheering people up over the festive season, which means we have been very busy getting orders out. Tier 4 makes no difference to your ability to order online!


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