A sign of good times returning...

At last it arrived! That day we were all awaiting:12 April when Boris promised us life would begin to return to normal. Well - almost normal. The Shepherd's Hut got off to a roaring start thanks to its bijou appeal. Certainly no room for more than one household in there! Plenty of room for a romantic bubble though, and beautifully secluded on its own two-acre site with only the birds and bees for company. Plus it's the perfect choice for anyone who wants to keep their social distance from the rest of the world... So perfect in fact that bookings have been piling up. The next few weeks are pretty much choc-a-bloc. There is some availability left in November and December. Sounds too wintry? Not with our lovely efficient little logburner it's not. And of course those bracing walks down on the Levels or up in the Mendips will keep you beautifully warm!

We are starting to welcome guests to the Barn as well - but it's a slower process as we remain restricted by the household and bubble rules. The Barn has always been a favourite for reunions and inter-generational get-togethers. So we are preparing to be busier than ever when Step 3 kicks in.

Finally of course everyone is beginning to celebrate once again. We have already had two summer wedding orders for our Mowbarton Estate Somerset Sparkling Wine and a fair few requests for -  well let's say more than just the one bottle! Fans of the wine are evidently beginning to practise for when the rule of 30 begins. Don't get left behind! 


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