Celebrations started here

We took our beautiful corner of Somerset up to Dulwich in South London to introduce the city-dwellers to the delights of Mowbarton Estate Somerset Sparkling Wine - and it all went down very well indeed. We had a couple of enthusiastic helpers to pour and pack (thank you both so much for your hard work) which meant we had time to sample all the other wonderful stalls and even buy a few Christmas presents. The Mowbarton Estate table was wonderfully eye-catching with some great point of sale material created for us by St Andrews Press in Wells (thanks very much also to the team there). Now the festivities are all over and peace has descended on Mowbarton. Not for long though! Pruning has just begun in the vineyard (the first job of the year) and the post-Christmas flurry of bookings for the Barn and Shepherd's Hut has got off to its traditional start. You can see the pink indicators filling up on the calendars already. So don't delay deciding on your preferred dates for too long! Meanwhile, Happy New Year to all our guests - past, future and present - and of course to all the many connoisseurs who have enjoyed or intend to enjoy Mowbarton Estate Somerset Sparkling Wine.


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