Sicily? Or Somerset...!

Last time Mowbarton 'went travelling' we ended up in a chilly South London, just before Christmas. This month the outlook has changed completely! As you can see, the sunny climes of the Mediterranean have found their way to Mudgley specifically to ripen the lemons in time for Mothering Sunday gin-and-tonics. It looks as though there will be at least six mothers here at the weekend, probably more. If by any chance we run out of lemons (although that doesn't appear very likely) we have some particularly delicious sparkling wine with which to quench our thirsts!

If this wonderful weather lasts, the chances are we will all be pretty thirsty because the sun, marvellous though it may be, has shone a powerful spotlight on all the weeds beginning to advance across the flower beds, the daffodils that need dead-heading, the brambles creeping out of the hedgerows and the branches that have been tossed about by Storm Eunice. Or was it Franklin? Either way it's left a lot of gardening jobs in its wake.

Of course our guests won't be expected to wield shovels or secateurs; that's all been taken care of allowing our Barn guests to relax in the beautiful walled garden, with its Tuscan-like terrace, whilst those in the Shepherd's Hut across the lane doze on the sun-loungers or zoom down on their bikes to explore the nature reserves in the Vale of Avalon. That's what the current couple were planning for today. And they couldn't have chosen a better day for it. Or a better spot to start. 

The Hut is pretty much booked up over the next few weeks but the Barn still has some availability. Why not have a look at the calendar and select a slot. No ferries required!


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