Eating up the food miles

There’s always a welcome waiting at Mowbarton and this particular welcome involves an almost empty fridge – empty of food miles, that is!

We have long had a policy of offering our guests local produce, and today (22 April 2022) marks the introduction of a new venture which we are hoping will go down well: butter and milk from just down the road. So, our cheese and cider comes from Roger Wilkins (as it almost always does and has done) which according to Google maps is a mere 0.5 miles from Mowbarton. And starting today we hope to get our milk from the herd at Garden End Farm in Panborough, a whopping 1.7 miles away.

The sparkling wine of course started life nearest of all: the Mowbarton vineyard is just up the lane from Mowbarton Barn – can’t be more than a couple of hundred yards away (although I admit I haven’t actually measured it).

Our guests seem to spend a fair amount of time eating and drinking. Unsurprising when you consider the wonderful farmhouse kitchen they have where the whole party can be together round the large refectory table. There’s masses of outdoor seating as well, plus a lovely large barbecue; and the sun room is especially pleasant as the sun goes down (beneath the yard-arm as we might say if we were a few miles further west, on the coast).

To complete the culinary/ local experience there’s a specially produced cookbook on the shelf packed with ideas for recipes using local produce and telling where to buy it.  You won’t have to travel far!

So have a look at our calendar and see when we can next fit you in.


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