vineyard takes shape

Working flat out in the garden and the vineyard (not to mention welcoming a steady stream of guests to the Barn) has made me rather late with this monthly update.  But we are now well into SEPTEMBER and the vineyard has changed beyond all recognition. There is a new sturdy trellis for the vines to grow up - and to prevent the starlings taking next year's grapes. Last year I watched a flock empty the vine at the Barn grape by grape - we had already taken plenty for grape jelly so I didn't begrudge them. I might feel differently when it comes to our first bottles of wine though! We had professionals to do the original planting and the trellis work (Vineyard Solutions) but there is still plenty of potentially back-breaking, finger-numbing work to be done on a constant basis, weeding, spraying, clipping. I'm sure it will all be worth it. Everything else has been continuing to grow fast as well. I entered some roses in the local Theale Flower show and got a first and a second. Did quite well with my honey cake and homemade bread too. I try to leave one of my homemade loaves for barn guests when I have time - along with local cider, cheese and pickle! We've had a few balloons passing overhead recently - yet another local activity for our guests. A wonderful view of the Levels from up there I imagine, although it's not bad from where we are. The sheep certainly seem very content...


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