summer holiday

We got back from a lovely holiday in France at the beginning of AUGUST to find the brochure for the Wells Festival of Literature has been printed. It looks like an excellent programme and we are delighted that Mowbarton is sponsoring Alexandra Harris on Saturday 15 October at 5.30pm. She will be talking about her latest book Weatherland, in which she looks at the different ways in which the weather has influenced English writers and artists over the years. We certainly know all about weather in Somerset. It has been gloriously sunny here on our hilltop ever since we got back from France; but there has also been a fair bit of wind. Not that wind can spoil the magnificent views we have. As John Steinbeck said (I wonder if Alexandra knows this?): 'happiness is living anywhere with a view of Glastonbury Tor'. Well we definitely have that... The weather has played a large part in our lives this summer with bumper crops of asparagus, broad beans, onions and garlic, tomatoes, pickling cucumbers (!) and, for the first year ever, raspberries. The greengages and pears also look promising but most importantly, so do the grapes. After a few days surrounded by the vineyards of Alsace it was a little humbling to return to our own small acre. But the vines are flourishing and we are very much hoping for a first harvest this October. Another way in which the weather influences creativity in the country... And no, I'm not taking up painting, however much wine I quaff.

STOP PRESS! Just found out that I missed hearing Alexandra on BBC Radio 4 in May. But I'm catching up.   


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