leaf cutting

The last few weeks have been ridiculously busy but now SEPTEMBER is here we are relaxing - a little! Not only have we had full houses in both the Barn and the Shepherd's Hut for most of July and August, but we have also been entertaining family and friends. So it's been mad in Mudgley...

We have also had a cool store constructed for our home-grown Mowbarton Estate sparkling wine which has just arrived back from the wine-maker. 220 bottles - not bad for a first harvest apparently.Very exciting, and although have tried, no picture of mine could really capture that (see below right)! Sadly we can't sample it for some time yet so weare currently concentrating on this year's batch which is looking good. Despite the rain, we have also had lots of sunshine and warmth in Somerset (definitely the best location for holiday or mini break). We are now old hands at the work, and roped our children and grandchildren into helping us cut back the leaves to allow the sun to blaze down on the grapes. 


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