Autumn harvesting

October has been very busy so far and set to become even busier. The hot summer meant the grapes were ready for picking three weeks earlier than last year, and the crop was 50% higher. What on earth are we going to do with all that sparkling wine? Anyone planning a Somerset wedding out there? Or a very special birthday? We were very grateful to the veritable army of friends and family who turned out to make sure the grapes were all safely gathered in - and delivered safely to the wine-maker. An exhausting business but definitely worth it in the end...

No sooner was the harvest in than it was time to prepare for the Wells Festival of Literature. We have guests staying in the Barn and the Shepherd's Hut for virtually the full ten days of the Festival. There are plenty of different events to attend so I do hope they will manage to take advantage of being so close to such a magnificent cultural celebration, and yet 'come home' to this beautiful and secluded rural spot. As one of our guests told me earlier this year: 'Mowbarton really is in the middle of nowhere, yet close to everywhere'. A fabulous slogan thank you!

And whether you are staying here or not, don't forget John Preston's magnificent event at the Festival, sponsored by Mowbarton. What a scandal!


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