Lockdown at Mowbarton

It has been an odd time here during the past weeks, as indeed it has been  for everyone, everywhere. Most of all we have missed the guests. We had a pretty packed calendar full of bookings planned for April, May and June - all gone. But we are looking forward to seeing most of them later in the year and others in 2021. Of course the weather has been wonderful most of the time and the garden and countryside all around are looking spectacular. We are very lucky to live here and just hope that others will soon be able to share it with us.

One element of Mowbarton that we have been able to share over the past weeks has been our delicious Mowbarton Estate Sparkling Wine! However fed up with the situation we felt, we could always 'share' a glass via Zoom with friends and family. We also offered (and continue to offer) free delivery in and around the area (see our Vineyard Shop for details). And a large number of bottles have been dispatched further afield, most to London.


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