Mowbarton Murmurations!

Mowbarton overlooks the Vale of Avalon with its wonderful nature reserves. The whole area is a bird watcher's paradise - and often that includes Mowbarton itself.  We have had some extremely garrulous tawny owls bustling around outside in the garden shortly after dusk recently. In fact the other night one was so close to our kitchen window that I thought our youngest grandson had arrived unexpectedly and was showing off his 'what noise does an owl make' party trick! Sadly, thanks to lockdown, we won't be hearing his version for a few weeks.  But we have certainly enjoyed hearing the real thing! And luckily it looks as though guests will soon be able to come to the Barn and the Shepherd's Hut and enjoy our birdlife for themselves. The starlings, as can be seen from the picture, are using the trees around Mowbarton as a final gathering place before the last short flight to their roosting beds down on the moor (no passport required). Some evenings the whole sky turns black with their wings, and the noise of their fluttering and chattering has to be seen to be believed!


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